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Powering the HR tech industry


Enabling the HR tech ecosystem from every angle

Enavrio was founded to accelerate the evolution of the HR tech industry by supporting practitioners, consulting firms, software vendors, and corporate HR and IT teams, creating frameworks for collaboration and for embracing innovations that help them serve organizations and their workforces.

We are dedicated to advancing the world of work through better systems, practices, and processes for optimal workforce management, worker experience, and worker performance.  We do this by enabling the industry from all sides to best serve a constantly-shifting global economy and talent landscape.


A new way of maximizing the HR tech industry’s talent, tools, and expertise to realize its full potential

Enavrio was founded by Brenda Laughlin and Brian Turk—leaders with extensive histories working in HR, HR technology, and consulting services—based on a desire to consolidate, align, and leverage the best of what the HR tech industry has to offer.

After running their own separate boutique HR tech consulting practices, Brenda and Brian began discussing how they could better serve the industry.

They explored the challenges that software vendors have in getting customers to properly utilize and fully recognize the value in their products.

They talked about the gaps in the talent market that are faced by services practices tasked with helping clients implement systems and processes.

They asked how HR and IT teams could be empowered to not just manage their organizations’ HR systems, but use them to align their workforces’ needs and capabilities with strategic initiatives and business objectives.

Lastly, they looked at the trend of talented independent practitioners becoming more and more prevalent in roles on HR tech projects and programs, and the challenges and uncertainty that these individuals can face without the perks and stability of a traditional full-time job.

They decided that competing with other players in an existing area wasn’t what the industry needed most, and decided instead to support the existing players on all sides by creating frameworks and mechanisms for bringing them together, supercharging their execution, and optimizing how they collectively deliver for their customers: organizations and the people who work for them.

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