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Talent, tools, training, and thought leadership to elevate HR tech services


Our talent collective includes vetted HR technology consultants and teams with expertise spanning a full range of domains and HR functional areas.

Talent Acquisition and Onboarding

Core HR and Payroll

HR Operations and Shared Services

Workforce Management

Workforce Experience

Business Vision / Need

Talent Management

Compensation and Benefits

Organizational Assessment

Learning and Development

Workforce Data Privacy

Data Mgmt. and Analytics


We connect the highest caliber of talent operating with the latest innovations and within the framework of our established delivery model and practices—ensuring unparalleled execution at optimal value.

On Demand Talent

HR tech is a fast-evolving industry with a complex talent landscape, which often leaves companies searching for months for candidates with the needed capabilities, or instead overspending for experienced new hires who underperform once on board. Our processes for engaging with and developing HR tech talent enable us to work with the best, and to match them to clients’ needs at the right time.

HR Tech Training and Development

Skills and capabilities related to HR and HR systems are in high demand. When companies are competing for, overpaying, or gambling on experienced practitioners who may not always meet their needs and expectations, we can help them build vs. buy. Our Consultative HR Development Program provides an onramp for new talent and enables our clients to grow teams embedded with rounded skill sets and hardwired with best practices.

Implementation / Optimization

Our consultants excel at delivering and know the pitfalls that teams can face when implementing new systems and processes—and how to navigate them effectively. We ensure that every engagement is given the right resources, from talent to tools to methodologies, to meet the milestones, objectives, and timelines that an organization is depending on.

Visioning and Innovation

Our consultants can work with stakeholders on all sides and at all levels of your organization—from executives to operational leaders to HR practitioners and frontline workers—to create clarity and establish shared definitions for success which are both qualitative and quantifiable .

Strategy and Roadmap

Our consultants can leverage their past experience with managing complex projects and programs, along with our constant focus on new and better approaches and practices, to design a plan that works—with due diligence and organizational alignment to ensure we not only deliver on the vision, but hold the excitement and commitment of all involved through the process.

Data Privacy and Analytics

Managing and leveraging workforce data comes with great responsibility and can also come with ongoing challenges. Our expertise in data privacy and compliance can help ensure that companies are properly handling their workers' sensitive info and avoiding regulatory pitfalls. We can also help them work with the right data—and in the right ways—to extract insights to improve their workplaces and get the most from their talent.

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