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As an Independent HR Tech Consultant, a successful tech implementation is crucial to the success of every new sale you make. 

Get it right and your revenue and reputation grows.

Get it wrong and word of mouth will spread that your software is excellent but it’s too hard to implement.

Poor implementation can cost you a lot of time, money, and morale.

This article will explain how you can turn this situation around and make the implementation process your secret weapon rather than the banana peel that trips you up.

Being An Independent HR Tech Consultant Is Hard

Let’s look at what is involved in being an Independent HR Tech Consultant. 

Not enough work.

It’s hard to find enough work. Being an independent consultant can be a roller coaster for your emotions and for your bank account. You have to find all the work yourself or go through a staffing firm which just takes a cut and gives you no support. 

Not enough good work.

You don’t just want consulting work, you want good quality work that is interesting, pays well, and is with clients who respect you and appreciate your skills and experience. 

You don’t have someone looking out for you for the projects that play to your strengths.

You have to cut back.

You have to cut costs and go without admin support, software subscriptions, and other practical benefits that larger consultancies enjoy without even thinking about.

It can be lonely.

It can feel isolating being out there on your own with no one to talk to, collaborate with and bounce around ideas.

How We’re Different

There’s so much riding on your tech implementation that you need something a little different.

You need something that focuses on your customer’s specific requirements.

At Enavrio, we specialize in helping you scale and grow your team with the top on-demand talent and a flexible bench while bringing in the latest tools, support, and expertise to delight your customer.

Our sole focus is on HR Tech project expertise. 

We only engage consultants who are good at leading and guiding clients on the best use of their product (bad consultants know the technology but can’t apply it to the client’s business – order taker not consultative.). We can provide coaching and leadership/guidance to your existing team using our best practice knowledge and unique methodology.

How It Works 

At Enavrio, we specialize in helping you grow your independent consulting business by bringing your great projects and giving you the tools and support you need.

Here’s how Enavrio can help your independent consulting business:

  • We provide you with good quality HR Tech consulting work. We understand your strengths, interests, and desires and can send appropriate work your way.
  • We recognize your skills and expertise. You are not another nameless profile on a crowded online labor marketplace. With Enavrio, you are properly recognized for your unique capabilities and merits.
  • We back you up. If your project grows, we can send you additional consultants to serve under you on the client project. We can also cover for you when you need time off for vacation, sick leave, or for other purposes. We can also advocate for you with clients – we’ve got your back.
  • We give you technical, administrative, and knowledge support. We’ll get you access to those costly software tools you need for the project. You can ask team members questions behind the scenes (rather than in front of the client).
  • We help you scale up your business. Expand your footprint in an existing client engagement in a way you couldn’t do yourself by availing of our ‘white-labeled’ service which lets you deliver projects under your own company brand. We can even revenue-share arrangements for new client referrals.

By partnering with Enavrio, you will:

  • Feel far more confident in your consulting business.
  • Enjoy a solid source of new, appealing HR Tech consulting work.
  • Feel supported and part of a team while still maintaining your own independence.

Why Act Now?

Why act now and get in touch with Enavrio? 

Why not wait for some time in the future when you have a bit more spare time to start fixing the problem of difficult implementations?

Simple: if you keep doing it the same way you’ll get the same results. 

Need to change things up if you want to start building the type of independent HR tech consulting business you first dreamed about when setting out on your own.

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