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As an HR leader, a successful HR tech selection & implementation process is crucial to the reputation and performance of the HR team itself.

Get it right and your operational effective increases and HR’s reputation grows.

Get it wrong and your team can look incompetent.

It may cost HR its seat at the leadership table.

Poor HR tech selection & implementation can cost you a lot of time, money, and team morale.

This article will explain how you can turn this situation around and make the tech selection & implementation process your secret weapon rather than the banana peel that trips you up.

Tech Selection & Implementation Is Hard

Let’s look at what can happen in your HR tech selection & implementation and how it can affect your team and the organization.

The HR tech landscape can be overwhelming. 

With such a vast array of new technology showing up on the market every year, you cannot possibly be expected to be privy to every option and consideration for new HR tech systems.

Too often, HR and IT teams are lacking the necessary guidance and resources to ensure that these systems are tailored to meet your organization’s needs—simply because the right people are not available to work with you.

Disappointment with HR Systems. 

You expect your HR system to do more for you, and you feel that you’re not seeing its full value.

You’re accountable for your company’s ROI from HR technology, but your team does not have the right expertise to support and optimize it, nor the capacity to fully focus on it.

While you’re here, download our free HR Business Case Template.

Bad hires and external consultants can ruin your HR team’s reputation.

You may have invested heavily in bringing in experienced HR technology hires and external consultants, but you’re not seeing results.

This overspending on underperforming HR tech support & consulting can significantly impact your team’s internal reputation.

What Are Some Ways HR Teams Try To Solve These Problems?

You have plenty of options when it comes to trying to get the right teams and talent in place for your software implementations.

Unfortunately, most of those options aren’t good enough.

Sifting through random profiles on online labor marketplaces.

Some companies waste hours trying to sift through rows and rows of unknown freelancer profiles on online labor marketplaces.

It’s hard to feel confident handing over your new project to an unknown, unproven consultant you met online.

Relying on freelancers who can disappear at any time.

With the rise of the gig economy, more and more people are moonlighting as freelancers or working on multiple jobs, either openly or behind-the-scenes. With the Great Resignation, these often unvetted freelancers now enjoy an abundance of work options.

This means individual freelancers can leave at any time—right or wrong—leaving you high and dry at a crucial point in your implementation.

Paying expensive recruitment fees to staffing firms.

Staffing firms are paid for each vacancy they fill.

Typically, they simply advertise online to find individual people whose resumes look ok and may win them a commission.

Much of the time, the staffing firm never even meets the person except for a 10-minute phone call. (Gone are the days of the recruiter ushering their prized, newly-placed candidate to an office site on their first day.)

Committing to employ an unknown, unproven hire or consultant who happened to say the right things throughout an interview process can be a roll of the dice at best.

How We’re Different

There’s so much riding on your tech implementation that you need something a little different.

You need something that focuses on your organization’s business needs and specific requirements.

At Enavrio, we specialize in helping you scale your team’s capabilities and execute on your HR tech initiatives with top on-demand talent and a flexible, agile working model, along with leading tools and collective expertise, to ensure your success.

Our sole focus is on HR tech project expertise. 

We only engage with consultants who are good at leading and guiding you on the best use of your systems (bad consultants know the technology but can’t apply it to the your; they are simply order takers, not consultative partners.). We can also provide coaching and leadership/guidance to your existing team using our knowledge of leading practices and wealth of real-world experience in multiple business contexts.

While you’re here, download our free HR Business Case Template.

We have an agile, on-demand workforce that can meet your shifting delivery and capacity needs through various phases of your project life cycle. 

We can bring not just one-off solo contractors, but also flexible teams of vetted subject matter experts. We can find or bring you more and better talent than you would find on the “Wild West” open market. We have a powerful network of industry experts and thought leaders, and can meet you where your are, when you need us.

Your expert long-term partner. 

We bring leading practices and methodologies from this fast-evolving industry, with a foundation of expertise from a breadth and depth of experience across many shapes and sizes of organizations.

We remove the bumps in the ramp-up process; we know what can go wrong, see multiple steps ahead, and we know how to respond in the face of unexpected twists and turns.

How It Works

Here’s how Enavrio can help your business:

  • On Demand Talent – We can serve as your talent pipeline. Our network of expert HR tech experts provides you depth, coverage, and backup. You’ll have instant and ongoing access to an agile workforce who can collaboratively operate within a unified operating model—teams, not just individuals.
  • Strategy and Roadmap – We can leverage our past experience with managing complex projects and programs, along with our constant focus on new and better approaches and practices, to design a plan that works—with due diligence and organizational alignment to ensure we not only deliver on the vision, but hold the excitement and commitment of all involved through the process.
  • Visioning and Innovation – We can work with stakeholders on all sides and at all levels of your organization—from executives to operational leaders to HR practitioners and frontline workers—to create clarity and establish shared definitions for success which are both qualitative and quantifiable.
  • Implementation / Optimization – We can manage your initiative for you. We ensure that every engagement is given the right resources, from talent to tools to methodologies, to meet the milestones, objectives, and timelines that an organization is depending on. We also excel at delighting stakeholders, every step of the way.
  • HR Tech Training and Development – Skills and capabilities related to HR and HR systems are in high demand. When companies are competing for, overpaying for, or gambling on experienced practitioners who may not always meet their needs and expectations, we can help them “build” (i.e., develop talent) vs. “buy”.
  • Data Privacy and Analytics – Managing and leveraging workforce data comes with great responsibility and can also come with ongoing challenges. Our expertise in data privacy and compliance can help ensure that companies are properly handling their workers’ sensitive info and avoiding regulatory pitfalls. We can also help them work with the right data—and in the right ways—to extract insights to improve their workplaces and get the most from their talent.

Why Take Action Now?

Why not wait for some time in the future, when your team has a bit more bandwidth to start addressing the pitfalls in your organization’s HR technology landscape?

Simple: The problems only get bigger and greater in number over time.

We can provide your needed bandwidth, and help you right the course sooner than later.

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